10 Best AI Recruiting Tools To Use in 2024


HR functions are changing fast as companies adapt to new ways of doing things. Leaders are realizing how helpful technology can be in this process. A recent study found that many HR executives believe their companies need to use AI recruiting tools within two years to succeed. That’s why many are already looking into new AI tools, especially for hiring.

These AI tools make the tasks of HR easier, like deciding how much to pay employees or figuring out who to promote. They also help find the best people to join the team.

These tools make it easier to talk to job seekers and make their experience better.

As technology becomes more important for HR, it becomes important to understand its impact. In this blog, we’ll talk about the best tools for hiring:

Why Do Businesses Need AI Recruiting Tools?

AI Recruitment tools are changing the hiring process by simplifying and speeding up tasks like finding and screening candidates and reviewing applications like resumes and cover letters. 

With workflow automation and streamlined processes, AI tools create a better experience for everyone involved. AI Recruitment tools are designed to streamline the entire hiring process from initial contact to final decision. By managing projects, coordinating meetings, and facilitating communication, they enable recruiters and hiring managers to focus on building the capacity to work with people.

Top 10 AI Recruiting Tools 

The latest tools empower HR professionals and recruiters to enhance careers, enhance the candidate experience, and identify talent with insight. 

These best-in-class solutions use machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to automate tasks, identify qualified candidates, and provide better insights throughout the hiring process. 

From smart analytics and candidate comparisons to interview planning and skills testing, these tools offer a comprehensive set of tools that increase efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you’re an award-winning talent expert or a growing organization looking to improve your recruiting strategy, this guide will give you the knowledge to unlock the potential of AI recruiting tools. Dive deep into the tools to shape the future of recruiting!


Paradox ai recruiting tool

Paradox stands out with its impressive implementation team and its flagship AI product, Olivia. Olivia is an AI assistant who interacts with job candidates via chat, making it an ideal tool for large enterprises with ongoing high-volume hiring needs.

Paradox relies on a conversational AI engine, Olivia, which acts as a mediator between recruiters and candidates. While the conversations may not feel entirely human, they are human-like enough to be effective. We were impressed by Paradox’s screening capabilities, including its ability to advertise job posts through various channels and Olivia’s 24/7 availability for screening applicants.

As interacting with AI becomes more comfortable and familiar, Paradox’s trained AI, Olivia, effectively engages with candidates on behalf of recruiters. Olivia can text candidates, share job descriptions, collect candidate information, schedule interviews, and operate outside regular working hours. However, like any AI recruitment tools, it may not handle inquiries beyond its programmed knowledge.

Paradox Customers: Unilever, McDonald’s, Amazon, 3M, CVS Health, Nestlé, Lowe’s

Pros Cons
Reduced Communication Time Limited Nuanced Conversation
Efficient Implementation & Support Custom Needs Delays
Multilingual Communication Support Team Efficiency
User Interface Accessibility



Amazehiring talent sourcing platform

AmazingHiring is an effective sourcing tool for recruiting teams seeking to hire technical talent. It aggregates technical candidates’ professional backgrounds from over 70 data sources. The AI sorts candidates based on a consolidated rating across platforms like Github and Stack and aligns this list with your candidate criteria.

You can then filter candidates by experience, gender, past job titles, seniority levels, and more.AmazingHiring also allows you to exclude specific sources (like LinkedIn) to discover a hidden talent that talent acquisition teams may have overlooked. 

Sourcers and recruiters can organize candidates by folder and execute multi-stage email sequences through their email client. Additionally, the data enrichment feature adds relevant information to email lists (name, title, geography, etc.) and keeps candidate datasets up to date.

AmazingHiring Customers: EPAM, Akamai Technologies, Alexander Mann Solutions, Dell, ABBYY

AmazingHiring Pricing: Pricing is based on the number of licenses purchased, with volume discounts for larger companies. All contracts are annual and start at $4,800 per seat. There are also charges for enriching contacts if you use the data enrichment feature.

Custom pricing is available for individual freelancers who wish to use the platform.

Best For: Technical recruiters at growing technology companies, smaller companies hiring technical talent, and third-party recruiters or staffing agencies with high-volume tech hiring needs.

AmazingHiring AI Recruitment Tools: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Frequent Feature Updates Outdated User Interface
Ideal for Technical Recruiting No Free Trial or Upfront Pricing
Two-Way SmartRecruiter Integration Limited HR Tool Integrations (Mostly One-Way)
Free Data Enrichment Credits
Free and Paid Chrome Extensions


hireEZ CRM, analytics and automation platform

hireEZ, formerly known as Hiretual, utilizes AI for sourcing, engagement, integrations, analytics, and collaboration. It helps businesses hire at scale by automating time-consuming manual tasks.

hireEZ has received positive reviews for its straightforward automation features. Built for mid-sized and large businesses, it focuses on outbound recruiting and has leveraged AI to develop sourcing, engagement modules, and analytics features. We appreciate the simple UI, with features arranged logically and intuitive workflows.

Our favorite feature is the AI-powered candidate recommendation tool, which acts like a personal sourcing assistant, providing daily email reports on identified candidates. Users also report time savings and increased efficiency when tracking candidate performance and progress using automated email sequences.

hireEZ Customers: Wayfair, Intel, Continental, Nike, and Ceridian.

hireEZ Pricing: hireEZ’s pricing varies depending on your needs and employee count. As their pricing is custom, it is best to contact them for an exact quote.

Best For: hireEZ is well-suited for mid-sized and large enterprises, particularly in the IT, staffing, healthcare, security, and defense industries.

hireEZ AI Recruiting Tool: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
All-in-One Sourcing, Engagement & Analytics Inaccurate/Outdated Contact Information
Simple & Intuitive Interface Poor LinkedIn Integration
AI-Powered Candidate Recommendations No Free Trial or Transparent Pricing
Automated Candidate Emails
Diversity Filtering (Gender, Race, Ethnicity)
Comprehensive Support (Email, Help Center, Dedicated)
Easy-to-Use Browser Extension


HireVue ai tool for finding talent

While the AI and human interaction of this tool is well-executed, some candidates may still prefer interacting with a human recruiter. To address this, the platform keeps recruiters informed with constant updates.

HireVue is a powerful tool that may be too expensive for smaller teams. However, we appreciate their transparent pricing, with two plans available. The less expensive plan starts at $35k/month and is suitable for teams of approximately 2,500 or more, according to user feedback.

While this tool integrates well with many ATSs, the same cannot be said for HRIS tools, which may be a drawback for data synchronization.

HireVue Customers: Amazon, Unilever, Vodafone, Beacon Health System, SmartLynx Airlines.

HireVue Pricing: HireVue provides two pricing plans:

  • Essential plan: Starts at $35,000 per month for teams with 2,500-7,500 employees. Includes live and on-demand interviewing features, custom branding, and single-language configuration.
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing for teams with more than 7,500 employees. Includes all Essential plan features, plus scheduling, a chatbot, pre-built ATS integrations, analytics, and more. Custom quotes can be arranged by their sales team.

Best For: HireVue is designed for large enterprises frequently engaged in high-volume hiring. The AI features are focused on saving time and efficiently processing large numbers of applicants.

HireVue AI Recruiting Tool: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Saves Recruiter Time (Initial Screens & Messages) Less Affordable Than Competitors
Adjustable Interview Playback Speed No Free Trial
Excellent Implementation & Support Limited Integration Partners
Transparent Pricing Structure


Humanly ai platform for recruiting teams

Humanly has designed an AI-powered chatbot specifically built for mid-market companies seeking a simple and fast implementation tool. They refer to this assistant-like bot as an “AI co-pilot,” which can automate screening, scheduling, and even join live interviews. From live interviews, it can produce notes, transcripts, and insights for easy sharing with the team.

These insights are valuable for optimizing future interviews, focusing on specific aspects of candidates’ responses, and saving time during the vetting process. Humanly also integrates easily with most ATSs, saving you the manual effort of inputting data into another system.

Humanly regularly introduces interesting features. For example, at a recent demo, they showcased how you can input data from your performance management system to train the AI to improve candidate screening and make better hiring decisions.

Humanly Customers: World Flight Services, Mossadams, Microsoft, The Key, Fazoli’s

Humanly Pricing: Humanly’s pricing is not disclosed upfront. Contact their Sales team for a price quote.

Best For: Medium-sized companies that want to streamline their recruiting processes, especially reference checks. Humanly is tailored for businesses with existing sourcing sites and an ATS in place but need a solution to connect the two and accelerate their hiring processes.

Humanly.io (Conversational AI Recruiting): Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
24/7 Q&A & Scheduling Lacks nuance in complex chats
Faster Replies for Candidates Privacy concerns over AI data
Less Bias in Screening Limited customization options
Multilingual Communication Integration challenges with HRIS



Findem for hiring talent

Findem’s approach to AI recruiting starts with its attribute-based talent-sourcing capabilities. They are also leveraging generative AI through automated emails, messaging, and conversational analytics.

Findem’s unconventional candidate sourcing allows you to access a global talent pool of over 750 million prospects. Their system crawls various data sources, including LinkedIn, GitHub, Behance, Stack Overflow, Kaggle, and social media platforms, to consolidate unique candidate information into comprehensive profiles. This makes it possible to quickly source a high volume of candidates using precise criteria.

It also stands out for its customer support and service teams. They are happy to provide weekly calls to ensure you’re making the best use of the tool, and users describe them as warm and supportive. They are also known to be receptive to feedback and often create new features based on client needs.

Findem Customers: RingCentral, Medallia, Intuitive, Adobe, Booster, Armorblox, Plume.

Findem Pricing: Findem does not publicly disclose pricing information. Request a demo to determine which plan best suits your company’s size and operations.

Best For: Findem is a good fit for hiring managers and talent leads in companies with over 500 employees across various industries, especially tech, CPG, and life sciences. They also have a strong track record with North American startups and hyper-growth companies. This text is a creative and unique version generated by AI.

Pros Cons
Fast & Guided Implementation 3-Month Minimum Contract
Ideal for Limited Recruiting Teams Not for Hourly or Offline Roles
Global Talent Pool (750M+)
Expert Sourcing Specialists


Fetcher ai recruiting tools

Fetcher is a well-known sourcing tool that has incorporated AI technology. As an AI recruitment tool, Fetcher efficiently manages the initial stages of the hiring process. Its powerful sourcing tool provides curated profiles tailored to specific skill sets and requirements.

Additionally, the automated outreach capabilities enable personalized email sequences, ensuring effective candidate engagement. Fetcher also offers a comprehensive reporting dashboard to track hiring metrics and evaluate recruitment efforts.

Fetcher Customers: Fetcher is used by over 500 businesses worldwide, including Andela, Frame.io, Magnite, Foursquare, and CarGurus.

Fetcher Pricing: Fetcher’s pricing is based on the number of seats your team needs and the number of vetted candidate leads sourced. Contact their sales team for a custom quote based on your specific hiring requirements.

Fetcher ATS: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Faster Screening & Tasks Training Needed
Organized Candidates & Communication Limited Customization
Wider Talent Pool Subscription Cost
Data on Hiring Trends Integration Issues



Manatal ai recruiting tool

Manatal offers impressive customer service, including 24/5 live chat, email support, documentation, and free onboarding and training. Manatal offers four plans with options for monthly and annual billing. When billed annually, the plans are as follows:

  • Professional Plan: $15/user/month, includes up to 15 jobs per account and 10,000 candidates. Unlimited guests can be added.
  • Enterprise Plan: $35/user/month, provides unlimited jobs, candidates, and guests.
  • Enterprise Plus: $55/user/month, includes all Enterprise features, user groups, open API access, SSO log-in, priority support, and access to Beta features.
  • Custom: Custom pricing tailored for larger businesses seeking advanced functionalities and support.

Manatal ATS: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Low Cost (Starts at $15/month) No Free Plan
Free Trial (14 Days) Limited Integrations (Most in Custom Plan)
Easy Applicant Organization AI Recommendations (Best in English)
24/5 Support & Training Boolean & Advanced Search Conflict
Drag-and-Drop Pipelines



Eightfold ai recruiting tool

Eightfold’s deep learning capability also identifies job applicants’ skills through a detailed mapping of competencies. It helps manage interviews with multiple participants and facilitates rescheduling or cancellation as needed.

Customers: TATA Communications, LG, Vodafone, Bayer, Chevron, Morgan Stanley, and more.

Pricing: Eightfold’s pricing plans are not disclosed on its website. Contact their Sales team for a custom quote.

Best For: Eightfold’s AI matches and features are most beneficial for organizations hiring more than 100 candidates per year.

Eightfold ATS: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
AI-powered Matching (Skills, Experience, Potential) No Candidate Profile Notes
Streamlined Filtering (Experience, Salary) No Mobile App for Recruiters
Encourages Diversity & Mitigates Bias Limited Candidate Search Outside Database
Personalized Training & Development No Free Trial or Transparent Pricing
Built-in CRM for HR Data Management



Textio ai recruiting tools

This AI-powered writing tool acts as your secret weapon for inclusive recruitment. Textio goes beyond simple spellcheck, equipping you with data-driven guidance to optimize your job descriptions, social media posts, and emails. It’s like a bias radar, detecting hidden prejudices that might be creeping into your writing. But Textio doesn’t stop there. 

It also boasts an age graph feature, revealing how your communication resonates with different age groups. Textio even acts as your language assistant, highlighting harmful phrases and providing context-based solutions.

It helps HR measure the effectiveness of your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts over time. By analyzing language trends across public communications, Textio shows you if your commitment to inclusivity is truly reflected in your recruitment materials. In short, Textio helps you write for a brighter, more diverse future of recruitment, attracting the best talent and creating a truly inclusive workplace. 

Pricing: Contact Textio for a quote (pricing plans vary based on features and team size).

Best For: Recruiters, HR professionals, and anyone involved in crafting recruitment communications.

Textio: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Detects unconscious bias in writing Pricing may not be readily available
Data-driven guidance for inclusive language Limited information on free trials or demos
Age graph feature for multi-generational appeal It may require training for optimal use
Identifies harmful language and educates users
Measures impact of DEI efforts over time

Why Do Businesses Need AI Recruiting Tools?

Hiring new talent is tough. But what if you had a secret weapon? Advanced tools are changing recruitment and giving you an edge. Say goodbye to clunky processes and resume fatigue. Here’s how new technology is making hiring easier:

Better Candidate Screening: Imagine a tool that scans resumes quickly, finding the perfect match within seconds. No more wasting time searching through piles of applications. You get the best candidates right away.

Smart Candidate Sourcing: The best people aren’t always looking for jobs. Advanced tools search professional networks like LinkedIn to find hidden talent.

Easy Interview Scheduling and Communication: These tools function like your assistant who answers questions, schedules interviews, and keeps everyone informed. Smart chatbots do this, freeing you to have meaningful conversations with top talent.

Fair Interview Evaluation: Advanced tools can conduct video or text interviews, analyzing answers, tone, and body language. This helps you get a full picture of the candidate, even if they’re far away.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Advanced tools can eliminate bias. This helps ensure hiring is fair, and relies on skills, not background, focusing on talent and fairness.

Streamlined Onboarding: New hires shouldn’t be slowed down by paperwork. Advanced tools automate onboarding tasks, from welcome emails to collecting information, making the process smooth and quick.

Using these tools in recruitment can improve efficiency, find top talent, and create a fair hiring environment. They don’t replace human expertise but help recruiters make better decisions and build strong relationships with candidates.

How to Choose the Right AI Tool?

Picking the right AI recruiting tools is important for making your hiring process better. Here are some simple to that make helping the right choice easier:

  1. Machine Learning Features

   Look for a tool that learns and gets better over time. As it reviews more data, it will spot patterns in resumes, predict which candidates will do well, and suggest ways to improve your hiring process.

  1. Natural Language Processing

   Choose a tool with natural language processing (NLP). This means the tool can understand and answer candidate questions, have real conversations, and give personalized responses. This makes the experience better for candidates and helps recruiters manage lots of candidate interactions easily.

  1. Works with Existing Systems

Make sure the AI tool works well with your current HR systems. This makes setup easy and helps the tool fit into your existing workflow.


While Microsoft is doing a commendable job of bringing generative AI functionality to Windows, its pro version costs £19, roughly 3.5 times the cost of the Microsoft 365 Personal account it requires. Copilot for Microsoft 365, which offers additional app integrations like Teams, comes in at £24.70 per user per month, again, around 3.5 times the cost of the supported business plans.

Unless you have a pressing need for direct LLM integration into your apps, the value proposition becomes less clear when compared to standalone services like Kagi and Perplexity.ai. These services offer access to multiple LLMs, including those from OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic, and support various data types for as little as $20 per month.

Microsoft has come a long way with generative AI. However, whether you want to use it or not, will depend on your requirements, and your budget. We hope the above review will help you make the right choice.

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