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Top Upwork Alternatives

The demand for remote work has increased as the industry is adapting to the changing user preferences. Upwork has gained popularity for connecting businesses with freelancers in the global economy. However, as the freelancing industry continues to expand, the search for top Upwork alternatives is gaining momentum. and quality to meet different needs and preferences. […]

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          Questions to ask from a Virtual Assistant

          The Virtual Assistant industry is projected to reach $20 billion by 2024. That is because more and more businesses are now hiring virtual assistants to streamline their operations. So it becomes important to ask the right interview questions for virtual assistant Virtual Assistants work as an extended team, automating repetitive tasks and saving valuable time […]

          Why Should You Use Video During the Recruitment Process?

          If you are planning on hiring a Virtual Assistant, using video during the recruitment process is essential. Video offers several benefits over the traditional hiring process methods. So, why use video during the recruitment process? Also, how should you go about incorporating it into the entire process? Read on for our takeaways and insights… So, […]

          9 Steps to Writing a Job Description that Attracts the Best Candidates

          If you are looking to hire full or part-time employees to join your remote team and you are starting to jot down your job description, remember that attracting quality candidates starts with a stellar job posting. Writing a job posting is a lot like marketing your business. In both cases, you are trying to reach […]

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          10 Best AI Recruiting Tools To Use in 2024
          10 Best AI Recruiting Tools To Use in 2024

          HR functions are changing fast as companies adapt to new ways of doing things. Leaders are realizing how helpful technology can be in this process. A recent study found that many HR executives believe their companies need to use AI recruiting tools within two years to succeed. That’s why many are already looking into new […]

          Leadership Self-Assessment with Examples & Templates
          Leadership Self-Assessment with Examples & Templates

          Surviving in the current market calls for continuous improvement as the competition in the industry is increasing like never before. So employers are looking for cost-saving alternatives and some are even taking drastic methods like layoffs. The only way to survive these dynamics is to give your best and highlight your skills to establish your […]

          How To Calculate Employee Turnover and Retention Rates
          How To Calculate Employee Turnover and Retention Rates

          Happy employees lead to happy customers. That is why knowing how many employees stay or leave is important for companies. It shows how strong and steady the team is and can really affect how well the company does.  However, tracking how many employees stay or leave can be tough. There are many reasons why people […]


          How to Effectively Onboard Your Virtual Assistant

          So, you’ve found what seems to be the ideal Virtual Assistant. Now you can just hand the work over, sit back and relax, right? Wrong! This is where the work begins, at least for some time until you get your new Virtual Assistant adequately trained. That’s because a Virtual Assistant needs to be trained in […]

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          7 Common Mistakes when Hiring a Virtual Assistant

          So, you’ve decided to make the wise decision and hire your first remote worker. Perhaps you have finally realized you should hand over many of your time-consuming daily tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA). Now you’re looking at having a well qualified remote worker join your team for an affordable monthly salary. But taking this […]

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          How to Screen a Potential Candidate Using Social Media

          Since platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter came on the scene, there has been a growing debate over how “involved” employers should become with their workers on social media. Is it a breach of privacy? Should employees be held accountable for what they post? How much should employers interact with employees on these platforms? These […]

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