How to Hire a Full-Time Video Editor from Latin America


Regardless of the industry you are in, video can give your brand awareness and audience engagement a boost. To show you how significant video is, here are a few statistics that you should know about:

  • Eighty-five percent of all internet users in the United States watched videos online.
  • Fifty-four percent of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.
  • Videos are a consumer’s favorite type of content to see from a brand on social media.

So, it’s safe to say that if content is king, video is the queen. However, for you to reap the benefits of this marketing medium, you have to create quality video content.

Ultimately, behind every well-made video is a skilled video editor.

Video editors can make your videos go from bland to stellar, and can even help increase conversions for that new marketing campaign.

However, how do you go about hiring a full-time remote video editor from Latin America?

What steps should you take to add a skilled video editor?

Well, we are here to help! We have listed the steps for hiring a full-time video editor and how they can help you once they are a part of your team.

So, let’s get started…

Determine what your needs are

Not all video projects are created equal. While video editing does have standard elements, you want to ensure you are hiring someone that fits your exact needs. 

It would help if you had an editor who understands the importance of editing videos to grow an audience. However, what if you want to produce more formal whiteboard-based videos? Then, you would need someone familiar with editing videos for this purpose.

Know your Audience

Your videos should serve a dual purpose. First, they are meant to either entertain or inform your audience of something in an engaging way. Second, they are intended to help you cultivate an audience to grow your business (for example: encouraging a purchase or getting them to sign up for a newsletter).

So, it helps if you know who your ideal customer is. That way, as you begin to look for a video editor, you will have a good idea of what you are looking for in candidates.

Decide on any Apps or Technology you need for them to know of

While a video editor may use some preferred video editing software, there are other apps and tools that you will need to work with.

For example, will you use a project management tool like Trello to assign video tasks? Also, do you use Slack or Basecamp or perhaps something else to communicate with the team throughout the day?

Make sure you know which tools they will need to be familiar with to work efficiently with your team.

Create a thorough Job Description

Now, it’s time to take all these decisions and turn them into a viable job description. This description should include the following:

  • Their day-to-day responsibilities. What do you want them to accomplish each day?
  • Skills, experience, and education that you require. This will include your required skill set, years of experience, and education level.
  • Brief information about your company. This includes your mission, and who your audience is.
  • Type of content. You must let applicants know what kind of videos you want to produce by giving some examples you like.

It is essential to ensure your video editor’s job description is thorough yet concise and to the point. You want to include all the necessary information that a good candidate would seek.

Review the list of applicants

After reviewing the applications, you will want to narrow your candidates down to at least five individuals for the final interview. One great way to do this is to shorten the list with an interview. Interviews can be quick and should be no more than 15 or 30-minute conversations that allow you to get a feel for candidates. Interviews could be video interviews or just calls, whatever you feel more comfortable with.

So, look through your applications, see who has the experience that you need, have a look at their portfolios, and then ask those individuals to participate in a brief call. Here are a few questions that can help you quickly narrow down this much larger group to the final video editor candidates:

  • Why are you interested in this role? – Asking this question will give you a general sense of why they want to move forward with your company.
  • Can you briefly walk me through a time when you successfully took the lead on a video editing project? – Find out if this person has the qualifications to take the initiative at your company and will provide innovative ideas to expand your business.
  • Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your background? Let candidates describe themselves as well as their background.
  • Is this your first time working remotely or have you worked on a remote basis before? Find out whether candidates are new to remote work or if they’re simply looking for a better opportunity.

You only want to spend about ten minutes going through actual questions. So, be sure to leave at least five to ten minutes for introductions and any questions they may have.

Conducting the Final Video Interviews

Now it is time to have the final interview. You have preliminary information regarding why they are interested in your company. Now, it is time to dig a little deeper. Here are some interview questions you should include in your final video interview:

  • What is your ideal company to work for? – This question gives their expectations for working with you. Prompt them to mention details about the type of work environment that makes them feel comfortable, as well as their communication style preferences.

  • What is your preferred video editing software and equipment? – Asking this question allows you to see if you have the tools they need or if they can adapt to the tools you already use.
  • Give a few examples of some online videos that complement your editing style. – Have them give you some examples of already existing videos they created. This inquiry will provide you with further insight into their editing style.
  • What video editing skills are you excellent at? Which would you like to brush up on? – This question gives you a look into what they are good at, and where they might need improvement. At that point, you can decide if you can provide additional training or if their skill level is not up to par with what you need.
  • Discuss a time you dealt with a challenge during video editing. How did you move past it to still be successful? – Listen carefully for their problem-solving process, and how they handle moments of pressure.
  • Describe a time when you had to work with teams from other departments. How did the process go? – You need someone who can work alongside your marketing team and can communicate with other departments. So, listen carefully to how they handle these moments.
  • How do you define a video project as successful? – Do they see a video editing project as successful if the video is aesthetically pleasing, if it yields results for the company, or if it gets a lot of views? See what their definition of project success is.
  • What video editing projects have you worked on in the past? Have them explain a previous project they worked on in detail. How long did it take to complete the job and did they run into any issues?

What a Stellar Video Editor can do for your Brand once they are hired

You have conducted the interview and hired the person who is the best fit for your company. Excellent! Now, how can this person help to expand your brand? Take a look at what a video editor can do to help your company:

They can help you tell a story

Maybe your company is looking to introduce a new product or unveil a charity-based initiative. Whatever it is, a video can help you convey a message about a product or service. They can work with you to create a storyboard video, a script, and edit the finished product. Your goal is to engage your audience and attract them to what you are offering, and an exceptionally edited video can accomplish this.

Enhance your Social Media presence

Today, video is the most popular content that customers want to see on social media. A video editor can produce quick, compelling, and attractive short videos that can complement your social media postings. For example, let’s say that you just released a case study that showed the effectiveness of your product for clients. Well, your video editor can collect client interviews and make them stand out to go along with the case study for social media.



Ensure Brand Consistency

Your video editor is going to be working closely with your marketing team. Video editors, along with your marketing team, can work together to ensure that all content is consistent. Using the previous example, the video editor would ensure that the case study and video would use brand-specific colors, appropriate logos, and language that references your mission, values and brand.

Identify opportunities for Growth

Maybe there is a new video trend that you need to jump on. A video editor can watch out for these and ensure that you participate in them to grow your audience. For example, there are new video editing styles that have become popular on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. A video editor can work with you to create strategies for properly utilizing new strategies to create live videos that are relevant, personable, and engaging to your audience.

Develop Key Goals

How will this marketing campaign benefit from the use of video? Did the video editing project help to increase clickthroughs, website visits, or social media engagement? The video editor will need to work with the marketing department to ensure they develop goals for the videos they create.

Final Thoughts

Today, platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, have made it possible for anyone to jump into video editing. However, when you are trying to attract new customers, you need someone who can create well-designed videos.

Latin American professionals are extremely talented at video editing and hiring a full-time video editor from Latin America can enhance your marketing, grow your brand, and give your company authority.

If you want quality videos that attract your target audience, you have to invest in the best. So, hiring a full-time remote video editor from Latin America is a good decision to take your marketing to the next level.




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