Top 25 Interview Questions for Bookkeepers


Bookkeepers are an important part of a business and can never be overlooked. They are responsible for the financial stability of a business. Ranging from invoicing to payroll, they perform countless critical tasks for any company’s smooth functioning and growth.

Even though finding the right bookkeeper for your business is challenging, they are a great asset. The conventional means of assessment, through resumes and CVs, often fail to recognize the true talent of candidates.

So, if you are also wondering what comprises a good bookkeeper for your team, remember it’s not all about hard skills; soft skills and somewhat different people’s personalities are also important. Scroll below to learn the perfect Interview question for bookkeepers:

Roles and responsibilities of a bookkeeper

What does a bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper is responsible for managing the company’s books. He ensures all the finances are accurately documented and promptly available to the management and shareholders whenever required. It demands skills like communication, time management, problem-solving, and attention to detail.

So, if you are ready to simplify the hiring process and find the right bookkeeper for your business these interview questions will help you find the ideal candidates

Here’s a list of 25 questions that can help you simplify the hiring process when recruiting a bookkeeper.

Questions for Bookkeeping Interview

Top Bookkeeping Interview Questions and Answers

While bookkeeping interview questions vary depending on the organization and manager, it is important to understand the mindset, values, and skills of a worker before recruiting him for the role. If you are also searching for the right bookkeeper for your business, the following questions can be helpful. 

These interview questions for bookkeepers allow an interviewer to understand the skills and abilities of a candidate

Remember, Job interview questions for bookkeeper positions vary depending on your company and skills. But these common questions can help you show your skills for both advanced and beginner accountant jobs.

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  1. What’s the most challenging part of bookkeeping?

Maintaining accurate and timely records requires significant time and effort. Bookkeepers must also have sufficient knowledge to deal with numbers and properly classify company income and expenses.

This is the chance to gauge the problem-solving skills of a bookkeeper. 

The ideal should be “Sometimes it can be tough to be both accurate and fast. Bookkeeping needs a lot of attention to detail, but reports and payments also have deadlines. To handle this, I make a good list of what needs to be done first and use any computer programs that can do boring tasks automatically.”

  1. Why do you want to leave your current job?

The ideal answer should be on wanting to grow in their career. This question checks a candidate’s attitude towards work and employers. Although it can be tempting to share the cons of their previous jobs, the right candidate will look on the brighter side and emphasize their priority on career growth.

The right answer can sound something like, “I’m looking for new challenges and ways to improve my bookkeeping skills. This job at your company seems like a great chance to work with a bigger team, handle more accounts, and learn more”


“I would like to quit my current job for personal and professional growth opportunities. Working in a big organization like yours would allow me to enhance my knowledge and skills to new levels.”

  1. What challenges do you expect in this job?

As an employer, you should expect that every new employee will face some challenges. But if new employees become aware of problems before they arise, they will be better able to deal with them. So generally respond with answers such as cybersecurity risks or unknown software tools, and then the best candidates will explain how they will mitigate these challenges. 

The more specific they are, the more they are serious about their work. Example: “Every new job has something new to learn. In this case, I figure I’ll need to get used to the specific bookkeeping software and way of doing things at your company. I learn quickly and can adjust with help from the team.”

  1. What would you do on your first day?

These questions will help you determine what type of freelance candidate they are and how much work they will do in their new job. Look for answers that explain how the candidate will understand your company’s work and know how it works. Respondents may say they are reviewing business accounts or reviewing the company’s income and loss statements. 

Example “On my first day, I’d want to learn how things work here. I’d meet the team and ask questions about daily tasks and reports. I’d also start getting familiar with the bookkeeping system you use.”

  1. What’s the difference between single and double-entry in bookkeeping?

This question for a bookkeeping job can help you test a candidate’s retention skills. Essentially, you’re looking for an answer that explains the difference between two methods, one using a single account and the other using multiple accounts. In single accounting, only one total is shown in an account, whereas double-entry accounting differentiates between credit and debit, making it a more transparent system. 

Example: “Single entry is like keeping a simple list of your income and expenses. Double entry is more detailed, where each transaction is recorded twice to keep things balanced and show a clearer picture of the company’s finances.

Brief Answers to Interview Questions for Bookkeepers

5 Brief Answers to Interview Questions for Bookkeepers

As an employer you need a candidate with great bookkeeping skills and expertise, looking for new job opportunities.

These interview questions for a bookkeeper are the key to choosing the best applicant for your team and understanding the candidates’ strengths. While interrogating the candidates and assessing their responses, the process may take more time, they are worth it in the long run

To help you pick the right candidate; we’ve prepared sample answers in this book that a potential bookkeeper can give. They will help you understand not only what knowledge, attitude, and work ethic a candidate can offer to you. It will enable you to make the right hire at the right time to maintain the financial stability of your institution.

  1. What is the difference between salary and wages? 

The answer here must include the fact that salary is a fixed amount, but salary can vary and may depend on many factors such as working hours. 

  1. How do you prepare and process invoices? 

Candidates will have different methods, but they should all be thorough and consistent, but not too difficult. 

QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, and FreshBooks

  1. Which writing software tools do you know best? 

Ideal candidates should have at least some knowledge or experience in tools like QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, and FreshBooks

  1. What’s depreciation?

Depreciation spreads out the cost of an asset. This lowers the value of the asset on the company’s records as it gets older. Depreciation can also save money on taxes.

  1. What is the balance sheet balance?

Candidates must each provide answers that confidently explain the following formula: Assets = Liabilities + Equity. You should also find information about revenues, expenses, and parties involved. 

15 More Book Keeping Questions:

Additionally, these common interview questions for bookkeeping positions also check the potential candidates’ skills and experience. They will help you understand their ability to maintain accurate financial records, provide timely financial insights, and contribute to your success.

  • Why did you become a bookkeeper? 
  • How do you stay current on regulatory changes that impact on your work? What publications do you read? 
  • How do you continue to improve your skills as a bookkeeper?
  • What types of financial reports are you comfortable preparing?
  • Which bookkeeping systems are you familiar with? What are your favorite features? 
  • How proficient are you with computer software like MS Excel?
  • How do you check your work for accuracy?
  • Walk me through the balance sheet equation.
  • The ledger is off by $1.90. Walk me through your process to find the error.
  • How would you record a payment using the accrual accounting method versus the cost accounting method?
  • What is your process to prepare and process invoices?
  • How have you contributed to cost savings in your department?
  • Are you comfortable interacting with vendors and clients?
  • What challenges have you faced in your work? How did you handle the situation?
  • How do you manage your time when asked to complete a complex project?


Now that you already know the most frequently asked interview questions for bookkeeping positions. Note that the point is to know the relevant skills, work experience, and willingness to develop new competencies in the work environment of a candidate.

Here are some final tips for hiring the right bookkeeper:

Precise answers: The answers should be short and clear summaries of attributes.

Company Research: Show how sincere the candidate is if he knows the company’s characteristics, such as which industry the size plus the culture it belongs to. Customize the responses for their individual needs.

Dress up: The first impression is usually the one that wins. They should show professionalism and confidence through dress code and punctuality.

With hard work and a strong positive attitude, you will find the right candidate. To hire the right candidate, focus on personal, professional, and technical skills.



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