Onboarding your Virtual Assistant


So you’ve found the perfect employee. You have interviewed, explained your expectations and tested his/her skills with the “trial task” and you both agreed on the job terms and negotiated a monthly salary. They seem to be a good fit for your company. Now follow our virtual assistant welcome kit for a greater chance of success.

Now that you have added a new member to your team it’s time to send out a welcome email.  A welcome email outlines all the conditions of employment you already discussed and agreed on previously together.

This is an example of a “welcome email”:

    New Team Member

Subject:        Welcome to [YOUR TEAM NAME]

Hello, Thank you for accepting a position with [YOUR TEAM NAME]. Your [part-time/full-time) employment will be at a rate of [Salary] per week for 40 hours (8 hours per day). As a permanent employee of [YOUR TEAM NAME], the following is expected:

  • Working day of 8 hours
  • You will be given a @yourdomain.com email address and be required to log into Google Hangouts whenever you are working using this email address.
  • Notify me by email or IM if you are unable to work.
  • Our team uses http://www.basecamp.com, and your participation and use are mandatory. You will receive a welcome email (if you have not already) and please log in and add your photo and other details including using your new email address for notification.
  • Payment will be made weekly or monthly through PayPal.

Details for your xxx@yourdomain.com email:

Login: [URL]

Username: [Username]

Password: [Password]

Working Hours

If you need flexibility occasionally with start times, that is ok, but please let me know. It is also acceptable for you to take off some time throughout the day and return later if necessary. However please consider any work that may be a priority or have a deadline.

Keeping In Contact

Whenever you are ‘working’ you are required to be logged into Skype/Slack with your @yourdomain.com address. If you are going to be ‘away’ for an extended period you should notify me via email if I am not online to chat with. It is assumed that you are at your desk working throughout the day.

Using DropBox

All files you work on will be stored on DropBox. If you are working on a new project or client and there is not a directory, please create one. For our designers, be sure to save your PSD files in this location as well.


Communication is the most crucial aspect of working within our team. Since we are a remote group, working collaboratively, communication needs to be 100%. You can never email, or instant message me too much! If you are late for work, sick, or anything similar you must let me know, with as much notice as possible.


Each morning I will email you a list of assigned tasks in priority order. Please pay particular attention to the order, even if you have tasks left undone from the previous day.

Thank you, and welcome to the team!

Many Thanks.

Above is a sample of a welcome email for you to send to your virtual assistant. I hope you have enjoyed our virtual assistant welcome kit and found it useful.



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