10 Best Jobs for Extroverts


Are you an extrovert who is looking for a job change? It’s about time to mark an end to your search. Today’s job market offers a wide range of positions for extroverts who enjoy being out and around and get tired of being alone.

In this blog, we will look at some of the jobs that are well-suited for extroverted people.

We will focus on various professions and your preferences. If you are a good communicator or a leader who motivates the people under your supervision, then the list below is curated for you. After reading this, you can identify some of the best jobs for extroverts and take one step closer to your dream career.

Who Is an Extrovert?

traits of an extrovert

First, let’s define what it means to be an extrovert, their key traits, and what they should seek in a job.

Extroverts are outgoing and eager to interact with others. They are usually very outgoing and have a lot to say. Therefore, they often stand out in the crowd. Experts say that extroverts focus on people as opposed to the internal world and draw a lot of strength from dealing with other people. 

In contrast to introverts who need solitude to rest and recharge, extroverts rely on social interaction. An extrovert is a person who listens to other members and values their opinions and contributions.

So, are you ready to explore exciting career options?

These roles are tailored for extroverted personalities and might already be on your radar.

10 Best Jobs for Extroverts

1. Sales Representative

Average Salary: $6,390/month

A Remote Sales Representative wields the power of telecommunication technologies like phones and emails, and potentially even video conferencing platforms to cultivate and convert potential customers into loyal buyers.

They act as expert detectives, employing needs assessment techniques to identify the specific requirements of each customer. This allows them to tailor product presentations strategically, highlighting features and benefits that directly address the customer’s pain points. Their persuasive communication skills are key, driving purchase decisions by effectively showcasing the value proposition of the product or service.

To gauge their success, they meticulously manage and monitor sales performance metrics, constantly striving to achieve or exceed established quotas and targets.

2. Virtual Event Coordinator

Average Salary: $4,833/month

A Virtual Event Coordinator handles behind-the-scenes activities for online events like webinars, conferences, or product launches. They use advanced video tools and special programs to make everything run smoothly. They’re like ninjas, handling all the details: sending invites, scheduling speakers, and signing people up. During the event, they’re on the lookout for any problems. Their goal is to make the online event awesome and see if it achieved its goals. They’re basically the secret weapon behind successful online gatherings!

working with introvert vs. extroverts

3. Online Community Managers

Average Salary: $6,676/month

Online communities are the playground of Online Community Managers. They are the architects, establishing these communities on platforms like forums and social media groups. They boost user engagement and spark discussions that facilitate communication, ensuring everyone has a voice. They also provide informative and timely responses to user inquiries. Their role extends beyond merely that – they share engaging content to keep the conversation flowing. Building strong relationships with members is paramount, and they cultivate a positive online environment that reflects well on the brand they represent.

4. Customer Service Representative

Average Salary: $3,500/month

A Remote Customer Service Representative works as a friend for the customers, easily accessible through any digital device. They listen to your problems and confusion about a company’s product. They use their skills to figure out what’s wrong, then explain things clearly to help you fix it. Kind and patient, they aim to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

5. Digital Marketing Specialist

Average Salary: $5,417/month

A Digital Marketing Specialist is the face of the company that decides what your visitors and users see. They use their marketing skills to show off the company’s products or services. Their work often includes making eye-catching ads with pictures and writing engaging content online. They’re industry experts who know what’s popular, making sure everyone sees the company’s offerings.

6. Recruiter

Average Salary: $5,167/month

A Remote Recruiter is the perfect option for recruiting the right talent for your team! They search online for people who might be a good fit, then tell them about the job. This is why they’re great at talking and know what skills each company needs. Their job is to connect companies with the right candidates. Since this job needs a lot of communication with the company and the candidates, it is one of the best jobs for extroverts.

7. Social Media Manager

Average Salary: $4,500/month

Running a successful business has become impossible without having a reputable presence on social media. However, it takes a lot of time and energy as it involves interacting with your online followers and keeping your Facebook and Instagram accounts active! Social media managers also create eye-catching pictures and videos to get people to follow. They answer questions and comments quickly, keeping everyone happy. Although they use special tools to see how well their posts are doing, so they can keep making things people love to see, it requires them to constantly stay in touch with people online, making it the perfect choice if you are a people person.

8. Account Manager

Average Salary: $5,000/month

Remote account managers answer questions, fix problems, and make sure customers are happy with what they bought. They use phones and emails to chat with customers and keep track of their accounts. They also look for ways to sell more to happy customers! Since this role includes building strong relationships with clients to nudge them toward your products and services, it calls for expert communication skills.

9. Virtual Sales Trainer

Average Salary: $5,833/month

A virtual sales trainer utilizes video conferencing platforms and online resources to train new sales team members on selling the company’s products/services effectively. They also offer extensive training on product knowledge, sales techniques, and customer engagement methods. They track trainee progress and provide ongoing assistance to ensure their success in meeting sales targets.

10. Business Development Manager

Average Salary: $7,500/month

They utilize digital tools and communication platforms to identify and engage potential customers. A remote business development manager also implements lead-generation strategies to research and target companies aligned with the company’s solutions. Executing outreach campaigns through calls, emails, or social media to introduce the company’s offerings and generate qualified sales leads also calls for their extroversion.

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There are hundreds of jobs for extroverts out there that let you use your love of talking to people and being social! From salespeople who build relationships with customers online to event planners who coordinate fun online parties, there’s something for everyone.

Working from home is becoming more and more common, which is great for outgoing people too. Now you can do jobs like customer service or account management from your own comfy chair! This lets you be social and use your communication skills in new ways.

No matter what job you pick, being good with technology is important these days. Online marketers and community managers use websites and apps to connect with people. If you’re an outgoing person who can handle the digital world, these jobs can be a lot of fun!



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