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Review our Plans and Register

To get started simply review the Subscriptions Plans we offer - Pricing Choose the Subscription Plan that is right for you. Click on Register at the bottom of the Subscription Plan that you want.

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Post Your Job

Save time spent searching for workers by posting your job on our site. Provide a brief job description, list the skills required, expectations, salary, availability and any other specific requirements, then let qualified candidates come to you!

  • Post your job, including expectations, skills required and salary
  • Workers search for, find and apply to your job - no extra time spent on your end
  • Save time as qualified candidates come to you, shortlist and reply to those you want to interview!
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Search Remote Workers

Search our list of available remote workers to find the perfect candidate for your job. Filter your results by type of profession, skills, English proficiency, position, salary, and full or part-time availability.

  • Search our extensive list of remote workers in a variety of professions
  • Use a variety of filters to find the perfect remote worker for you
  • Bookmark as many candidates as you’d like to message later
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Interview and Negotiate

Once you’ve created your shortlist of candidates from searching or job posting, chat with them to discuss your needs, schedule, salary, payment frequency and expectations.

  • Message workers directly through our platform to start the conversation
  • Interview them like you would a normal employee to determine if they’re a good fit for your job and company
  • Negotiate salary and expectations - we don't impose contract requirements, neither mark up salary or charge commissions
Step by Step Creating Shortlist thru Negotiating
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Hire and Manage Remote Worker

Once you’ve worked out the details with the perfect candidate, hire them to help you grow your business!

  • Track employee’s work using our Time Tracking solution (only for Premium subscribers)
  • Receive invoices through our platform and pay using your preferred method
  • Increase productivity, lower the costs and grow your business.
  • And don’t forget to follow our blog for tips and advice on how to achieve a successful working relationship with your new remote worker......

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re a place that connects entrepreneurs and companies like you with full & part-time remote workers from Latin America.

The remote workers that sign up on our site work just like employees – meaning they work 20 or 40 hours a week, exclusively for you and your business.

The major difference? They’ll work from home.

Learn more about why we exclusively work with remote workers from Latin America and why we think they’re a great fit for your business by reading our mission statement here or our blog.

As you will soon discover, Latin Americans are extremely talented at what they do. They possess a huge range of skills in various fields and can do almost any job that can be successfully outsourced online.

A few examples of the kinds of professionals you’ll find on our site include:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Content Writers
  • WordPress Developers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Marketing Experts
  • SEO Specialists

Find a complete list of professional categories here.

Our hiring process works in two ways:

  1. You can browse remote worker profiles and contact the ones you feel are qualified for the position you’re looking to fill, then interview one by one like you would an in-office employee.
  2. You can post a job and have qualified remote workers apply for the position. You’ll then be able to contact any and all workers who apply to verify their qualifications and ask any questions you have.

Once you find the right candidate for your job and business, we let you handle the rest on your terms as you see fit, including:

  • Negotiating contract terms.
  • Discussing requirements and expectations.
  • Proposing a monthly salary.
  • Deciding when and how to make payments.
  • Training and Managing your new remote worker.

Basically, we’re here to help you find qualified full or part-time remote workers, as well as support you with helpful tips and advice on how to effectively find, train, and manage remote workers to establish a productive working relationship with them.

We let you handle the rest of the remote work process in the way that best fits you and your business!

On other freelancing websites, you’ll typically hire professionals on a short-term or per-project basis.

Our site is different because we focus on connecting employers like you with remote workers you’ll hire on a full or part-time basis; instead of splitting their time and attention between you and a bunch of other clients, they work a set number of hours each day, exclusively for you.

We’re also different because we don’t require you to pay workers through us and we don’t charge any commissions or mark up worker salaries.

We leave it up to you and your remote workers to negotiate salaries and payment terms, including when payments are made and by which payment methods.

We simply act as a link connecting you with qualified remote workers, for which we charge a small subscription fee to access our network and contact jobseekers from Latin America looking for better employment opportunities.

All the remote workers you’ll find on our website live and work in Latin America.


For a number of reasons:

  1. Because in LatAm you’ll find talented and skilled professionals able to work at competitive rates.
  2. Most LatAm countries live and are able to work during EST/CST time, which means they work during regular U.S. business hours and are that much more available to help when you need them.
  3. Latin Americans live in a culture very similar to Europe and the U.S., and many of them are fluent in English, which makes them easier to train and communicate with compared to workers in other countries.

Though we can’t guarantee you’ll find the right candidate, we’re confident that you’ll likely find one from the thousands of workers on our site, talented in a huge range of skills, perfect for remote work.

We hand-vet every worker account before it goes live and work to eliminate unprofessional profiles – so you can feel confident that the workers you contact are who they say they are.

Having that said, we do caution against setting unrealistic expectations for your new remote worker. Although we’re confident in the skill of workers on our site, you won’t find someone who can do anything and everything; if you come to our site looking for a remote worker who can do all your development, design, sales, marketing, SEO, and customer support, you’ll likely walk away disappointed.


Every worker you find and hire on our site is an independent contractor.

They create an account with us then test their skills and apply to your jobs, just as you create an account, search for workers, or post your job to have workers come to you.

Anything beyond that is between you and them – we simply connect you.

As with just about any non-English speaking country, you’ll encounter people from Latin America who speak English incredibly well and some who don’t.

But, the great thing is that Latin Americans learn English from a young age, and to help you find the best remote worker for you, we provide a few English tests for workers to take when they sign up so you can easily check their English proficiency.

These tests are designed to quickly and effectively measure English fluency from beginner to advanced levels, consist of 25-50 multiple choice questions, and prevent cheating if a worker fails a test they can’t retake for the next 30 days.

Another way to confirm English fluency is by having your remote worker take a quick 15-minute test from EF, an international education company that specializes in language training, academic degree programs, and cultural exchange.

You can also use free tools such as (by TypeForm) to ask workers to reply to you by sending a video message.

We also recommend you confirm workers’ English fluency as you begin to converse – how they write in emails and speak during Skype/Zoom interviews will give you the best understanding of how well they communicate in English.

If you’ve searched for worker reviews and haven’t found any, it’s because we don’t have them. Unlike other freelance sites, we don’t have a feedback system in place.

Why you ask?

Because we believe reviews encourage short-term work, and we want to help entrepreneurs and companies like you establish long-term relationships with remote workers through our platform.

We do have a skill rating system where workers can rate themselves with scores between one and five stars. Now, this isn’t a feedback system as workers self-rate each of their skills, but it does give you an idea of how experienced and confident a worker is in their abilities.

Ultimately, that’s between you and your remote workers to decide. You don’t pay your remote workers through our site. Instead, workers list their preferred payment method(s) on their profile for you to see how they would like to be paid.

PayPal, Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill, Wire Transfers, and Zelle, are some common payment methods but some workers also prefer taking cryptocurrency payments using platforms like LocalBitcoins (we have written a couple of articles on how Latin America workers can benefit from using cryptocurrencies, read them here).

For any given worker, if you don’t see a preferred payment listed or you don’t want to use any of their preferred options, you can always ask if they are willing to accept other methods. Once you’ve decided on which payment method you’ll use, you’ll also want to discuss payment frequency.

We recommend starting by paying every week (splitting their monthly salary into 4 payments), which protects you from paying a lot upfront if a worker doesn’t meet your needs and protects workers from putting in time and effort without getting paid.

Once the two of you have established a mutual trust, feel free to discuss bi-weekly or monthly payments with your worker if that works better for you.

The old saying, “You can’t blame them if you don’t train them” is particularly true in a remote work environment. In fact there are some employers who have been unfairly frustrated with their remote worker's performance. And in most cases, the fault can be attributed to the employers who had not adequately trained their remote employees in the first place.

Even though you’re hiring an experienced and talented professional, they’ll need some time and effort on your end to learn how they can meet your specific needs.

Properly doing this is a time commitment, but you have to understand is a normal step of the hiring process.

Training is one of the most important aspects that you can do with your remote worker. It covers everything from the behaviors and the culture of your team, right through to the practical processes and how to use the different systems.

Check out our blog for more tips and advice on how to train your remote workers!

Try One Subscription

With a Try One Subscription, you will be able to post 1 job posting for one month. You will be able to search and find workers on our website and contact 10 Workers. Contacts are only counter when the Worker responds to you. You are only allowed to use a Try One subscription once, after that your subscription expires and you can upgrade to a Professional or a Premium subscription.

Professional Subscription

With a Professional subscription, you will be able to post 4 job postings per month. You will be able to search and find workers on our website and contact 50 Workers. Contacts are only counter when the Worker responds to you.

Premium Subscription

With a Professional subscription, you will be able to post 8 job postings per month. You will be able to search and find workers on our website and contact 100 Workers. Contacts are only counter when the Worker responds to you.

With respect to our guarantee of 100% satisfaction, customers with a valid complaint about our site will be refunded. Refunds are made for only the last monthly payment (if a yearly subscription then for the last month of service before the date the employer cancels their subscription), and no refund would be made for payments older than one month. Each customer is entitled to just one monthly subscription refund.

You can cancel your subscription by clicking on the "SUBSCRIPTION" tab of your account clicking on “Subscription Details” and then clicking on "Cancel Your Subscription" Your subscription will be canceled and you won't be rebilled the next month. If a monthly subscription or next year, if a yearly subscription.

After you find the perfect employee, feel free to cancel, you’ll still have access to all the features until your subscription runs out or ends.

Yes, you can hire workers as contractors on your own. Your worker will have to claim income and pay taxes in their home country.

If you are not sure how to handle the process Deel is a company that can help you in the process of hiring a remote worker as a contractor.

Learn more here: Deel

Yes, if you don’t have entities in the country you are hiring from, there are companies that can handle the payroll and tax aspects for you.

They can take care of compliance, employee benefits, taxes, and the payroll of your remote workers.

ShieldGEO is a company that can assist you with your hiring needs.

Learn more here: ShieldGeo

You may want to know the differences between hiring an independent foreign contractor and hiring an employee for your company.

The two types of work status differ, and what the effect is on both you as the employer/hiring company and your remote worker. 

Hire a worker as a contractor

A contractor is essentially a self-employed individual and enjoys a certain amount of autonomy. 


If you want to hire a remote worker from Latin America as a contractor visit Deel which is a company we partnered with to help you assist in the hiring process of your remote worker as a contractor. 

Hire a worker as a formal employee of your company

An employee on the other hand will be working within a much more structured environment, even as a remote employee.


If you want to hire a remote worker from Latin America and place them on a local payroll in a foreign country and have them as formal employees of your company instead of a contractor the simplest method is using ShieldGeo which is a company we partnered with to assist you in the hiring process. 

Remote workers from Latin America are in the perfect position to thrive in the remote work economy.

With their ability to work at competitive salaries, extensive knowledge of Western business practices, English proficiency, ability to work during U.S. business hours, and desire to dedicate themselves to growing businesses like yours, you'll find that a remote worker from Latin America is the perfect next addition to your remote team.

Get started by searching our list of remote workers!

Full or Part-Time

Find and hire dedicated remote workers, ready to commit full and part-time for your business.

Business Hours

Unlike other common outsourcing destinations with 12+ hour differences, Latin Americans are conveniently available to work while you do.

Every Job Category

Find thousands of professional profiles across all of the most popular professional categories. Whatever your needs, our workers can help.

Your Terms

Your remote work relationship is yours to make. We don’t charge commissions, markup salaries nor do we impose contract requirements.

Cancel Anytime

Our subscriptions are on a month-to-month basis. Once you find the perfect remote worker for you, feel free to cancel.

Skill Certified

We provide subject-matter-specific certification exams to verify remote workers' expertise.


Hire remote workers proficient in both English and Spanish and some other languages too.

Long Term

Employee happiness and the success of your business go hand-in-hand. Remote workers are happier and more productive. Remote work creates long-term relationships.

Yes, After you find the perfect employee, or right after your payment feel free to cancel, you’ll still have access to all the features for the month following the start of your subscription.

Jobs postings that meet the below criteria will be removed if no action is taken within 24 hours of initial flagging by the Pros Marketplace team:

Are illegal in the United States, (we are a United States company that abides by the United States Law). If you are using our service outside the United States of America, you bear the responsibility of following the applicable laws.

Constitute harassment of any kind. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, and religion, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, and harassing. Racist, sexist, or discriminatory in nature.

Job postings that are meant to scam users in potential phishing attempts, or any postings that involve an exchange of money in the hiring process.


If you are posting a free job you must post from a corporate email, representing your company.

Job posts that do not meet Latin American minimum wages will be removed.

Job posts that are not remote jobs will be removed.

Job posts must be published in English.

You can add your external application link only if you have a Premium subscription. External links in job descriptions are not allowed.

We reserve the right to reject any job posting at our discretion.

ProsMarketplace is not liable for any third-party information posted to our platform.

Chile: $441

Uruguay: $423

Ecuador: $400

Bolivia: $309

Colombia: $261

Peru: $257

Argentina: $243

Mexico: $215

Brazil: $209

Venezuela: $1 (Does not apply)

Chile is the country with the highest minimum monthly wage in Latin America. According to the minimum salary established by law as of January 2021, workers in Chile earn a basic monthly wage of over 440 U.S. dollars (326,500 Chilean pesos). On the other side of the spectrum is Venezuela, where employees are only guaranteed by law a minimum salary of 1.2 million bolívares or less than one dollar per month, according to Venezuela's Central Bank exchange rate on January 14, 2021.

These minimum standards are often not enough to meet household needs. For instance, these salaries are not enough to attract quality workers to your job post and we recommend you don't refer to Latin American minimum wages as references when posting jobs on our platform.


The Argentinian Labour Contract Law defines the minimum wage as “the lowest remuneration that a worker without dependants must receive to ensure adequate food, decent housing, education, clothing, healthcare, transportation and recreation, vacations and social security.”

The Committee for the Minimum Wage, composed of representatives from government, employers, and employees, sets the national minimum wage rate. Since 1 October 2019, it has been 16,875 Argentine pesos (US$243) per month and 84.37 pesos (US$1.15) per



The minimum wage in Brazil depends on location and professional category. There is a federal minimum wage, which applies by default if there are no specific rules in the relevant collective bargaining agreement or in state laws. The federal minimum wage is adjusted

annually for inflation and is currently 1,045 reais (US$209) per month.


The minimum wage in Chile is 326,500 Chilean pesos (US$441) per month and applies to employees aged between 18 and 65 years. The minimum wage is set annually by law by the Chilean President. For employees under 18 and over 65 years, the minimum wage is currently 239,085 pesos (US$301) per month.

The basic wage paid to employees must not be lower than the monthly minimum wage. Other payments to the employee – such as transport and meal allowances, travel expenses, or bonuses – do not contribute to the minimum wage.


In Colombia the minimum wage is agreed between the unions, employers’ organizations and the government once a year. If no agreement is reached, the government establishes the minimum wage by decree.

For 2021, the minimum ordinary monthly wage is 877,802 Colombian pesos (US$261) and is known as the salario mínimo legal mensual vigente or “SMLMV” in Spanish.


Mexican employment law establishes a minimum wage, which is set each year by the National Minimum Wage Commission. The minimum wage must be sufficient to meet the normal basic material, social and cultural needs of a family, and provide for the compulsory educational needs of its children. The Commission’s annual decision is guided by research data, which may include inflation, exchange rates, and the cost of living in different regions of the country.

Since 1 January 2021, the daily minimum wage is 123.22 Mexican pesos (US$5.62). This rate is applicable nationwide, except for cities located in the 25-kilometer strip at the Mexico-US border where the daily minimum wage is set at 185.56 pesos (US$8.47). The wage applies to all employees, as there is no legal distinction between full and part-time employees in Mexico. 


Employers must pay workers a specified minimum wage, which is 930 Peruvian soles (US$257) per month if they work four or more hours a day. The minimum wage is adjusted periodically by decree. The minimum wage consists solely of the basic salary. Other payments are not included.

The minimum wage is also taken into consideration when the government calculates the Family Allowance (a mandatory labor benefit), which is equivalent to 10% of the minimum monthly wage (93 soles) and is given to employees who have one or more dependents

under 18 years old or has a dependent over 18 who is engaged in higher education or university studies.

Employers should keep in mind that the remuneration paid to employees will be used to calculate the social benefits employees receive – including compensation granted depending on length of service as well as annual bonuses and vacation time – and social contributions they make to the health and pension systems.


The minimum wage is set by presidential decree. The government has been consistently increasing the minimum wage over the past few years (five times throughout 2019 and 2020 alone). The minimum wage must be paid through basic salary; therefore, bonuses and other variable payments are not taken into account when determining the wage.

The government recently raised the minimum wage by 60%, effective from 1 May 2020, to a monthly salary of 400,000 bolívares soberanos (US$1.61). For young apprentices, the monthly minimum wage was set as 300,000 soberanos (US$1).

Hyperinflation has severely hampered the impact of the most recent wage increases, so the minimum wage is no longer a market reference for the minimum income required for a decent living in Venezuela.

Consequently, most employers pay salaries exceeding their value and tend to offer payments in foreign currency, often to “qualified” and “skilled” personnel. Wage payment in foreign currency plays an important role in retaining local workers at a time when Venezuela is losing high levels of specialized workforces who are migrating abroad.

NOTE: There is no feature to post a job for a specific country, the minimum wage must meet be the Chilean minimum wage which is $450/month (Full-Time jobs).

Job postings stay active and visible for 30 days. After 30 days the job will be archived and will not be active/visible on the site. 

Employers can decide to archive jobs before the expiration day.

Once a job post is approved and live on our site, the only thing you can edit is the job description. If you have a special request and need to make other changes please reach out to us through our live chat or at