Top Companies That Hire for Remote Data Entry Jobs


Once considered a passing trend, remote work has seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the business world. Remote work was at one time thought of as a fad, but it has become part of the DNA of the business world.

As a result of ever-changing market dynamics that emphasize agility, flexibility, and adaptability, remote work has become a permanent fixture that provides many opportunities for professionals.

Remote work which has lifted the geography barrier has brought a new era in which talent is not judged by its borders. The increasing demand for remote data entry jobs highlights the importance of tapping into remote talent pools for companies seeking to thrive in this rapidly changing world.

To help you in the search for remote employment, our specialists have compiled a thorough list. Looking for data entry remote jobs? Here is a list curated by our experts that might help:

Top 5 Companies Offering Remote Data Entry Jobs

The remote work trend is at a time high, and it is time to start the exciting journey of exploration, discovery, and transformation with remote data entry jobs.

From the technology giants to the new players, these companies act as a gateway to remote work where the boundary of talent and opportunities is limitless. Let us look at remote data entry jobs at some of the best companies and see the benefits this offers.

Top 5 Companies Offering Remote Data Entry Jobs


Part-time remote data entry jobs at Amazon are not only flexible and independent but also offer opportunities for growth and development. From collecting inventory to analyzing customer data, part-time remote data entry jobs are available in business, e-commerce, and information management.

They may find themselves working on a variety of tasks, making them more productive. Amazon is committed to innovation so remote workers can contribute to innovation and startups within the company. Additionally, various benefits packages such as health insurance, retirement plans, and employee discounts make Amazon a top choice for job seekers.

Founded: 1994

Company Size: Over 1.5 million employees worldwide.

Average Pay for Remote Employees: It varies depending on the role and location but on average, the base salary is $89,000 for remote positions in the US.


Data entry remote jobs at Google means being part of a dynamic and collaborative team that values ​​creativity and innovation. In addition to data entry responsibilities, workers additionally can contribute to data analysis projects, participate in training and development, as well as collaborate with other startup organizations. 

Google’s commitment to diversity and inclusion methods remote workers have access to resources and help that inspire personal development. Additionally, Google’s emphasis on work-life stability guarantees that remote people have the flexibility to adjust their schedules even while ensuring high productivity.

Founded: 1994

Company Size: Over 135,000 employees worldwide.

Average Pay for Remote Employees: Average base salary of $110,000 for remote positions in the US.


Data entry remote jobs access at Microsoft is more than just data entry; It enables remote workers to get acquainted with new technologies and work on productive projects. help. Whether assisting with data transfer processes, managing data, or supporting data-related decision-making, Microsoft employees play a vital role in driving the company’s success. 

Microsoft’s community engagement also gives remote workers the chance to participate in volunteering and community service programs to make work more meaningful.

Founded: 1975

Company Size: Over 182,000 employees worldwide.

Average Pay for Remote Employees: Varies greatly by role and location. Data suggests an average range of $86k – $173k for US remote positions, and a salary of $131,100 across all positions.

Meta (formerly Facebook)

As part of the Meta team, Remote Data Protection Services are dedicated to analyzing user data, improving data accuracy, and developing new features and products. In addition to access to regular work, employees also have the opportunity to shape the future by collaborating with experts, designers, and product managers before the meeting. 

Meta’s culture of innovation and experimentation means remote workers are encouraged to think creatively and come up with new ideas that will move the company forward. Additionally, Meta’s commitment to employee wellness means remote workers have access to resources and support networks that support performance, life work, and personal development.

Founded: 2004

Company Size: Over 67,000 employees worldwide.

Average Pay for Remote Employees: Base salary of $121,000 for remote positions in the US.


Part-time remote worker data entry into Dataforce provides remote workers with the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks, from clean, usable data to grid design and analysis. Data entry remote jobs workers also have the opportunity to collaborate with data scientists, engineers, and product managers to develop new tools and solutions to solve complex problems. 

Dataforce is committed to a collaborative and inclusive work environment; This means remote workers can access training and development to improve their skills and advance their careers. Additionally, Dataforce’s flexible work arrangements and comprehensive benefits make it an excellent choice for part-time job seekers.

Founded: 2017

Company Size: Around 200 employees.

Average Pay for Remote Employees: NA


A data entry specialist who works remotely for HubSpot part-time supports the company’s marketing and sales activities by retrieving and managing customer data, updating CRM systems, and generating reports. and interpreting data is critical to operations. At HubSpot, remote workers are also able to join cross-functional projects as well as those that involve involving employees from different departments and regions.

HubSpot`s dedication to employee wellness implies that remote workers have access to resources, which can enhance work-life balance and collaboration that leads to productivity and self-development. In addition, HubSpot’s culture of openness and accountability makes sure that remote employees´ contributions to the overall company’s success are appreciated and acknowledged.

Founded: 1975

Company Size: Over 6,000 employees worldwide.

Average Pay for Remote Employees: Approximately $91,000 for remote positions in the US.

More Companies that offer remote work

Data entry remote jobs are becoming a preferred choice by professionals in different industries providing flexibility and convenience. Primarily, remote data entry opportunities offer an easy way into the remote employment scenario, as this method allows people to work from the comfort of their homes without moving to other places in search of jobs abroad.

Are you also searching for a remote data entry job? Here are some top companies that offer flexible remote data entry positions: 

Shell: They offer part-time remote data entry positions for individuals with good typing skills and independence.

CVS Health: They have part-time remote data entry jobs for people who are good at typing and can manage tasks on their own.

IBM: They provide part-time remote data entry opportunities for strong typists who can work independently.

We Localize: They offer part-time remote data entry positions for those with proficient typing skills and independence.

Telus: They present part-time remote data entry roles for individuals with strong typing skills and the ability to work independently.


With the rise of digital technologies, remote work is gaining popularity, giving professionals from almost any industry the flexibility and convenience they need. Remote data entry jobs, in particular, present a pretty accessible entry point into remote employment by providing an opportunity for one to work from one’s home and make meaningful contributions to companies all over the world.

With tech giants to emerging organizations being the examples, this elegantly demonstrates the current landscape of remote work where without boundaries, talent is plenty and opportunities exist for the seizing ones. So gear up to start on your remote work journey.



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