How do I Interview a Remote Worker?


You can interview candidates using applications like Skype or other instant messengers. Consider using social media as part of your interview process.

One of the questions to ask in an interview is for their Facebook profile so that you can get to know the candidate that way. You can look through photos, information, interests and in a remotely based interview that saves you a fair amount of questions.

One technique that you can use as part of the interviewing or recruitment process is to give candidates a trial task to complete you could try here. If you are confident enough that they have the skills or they, exhibit the right behaviors, you can train them, give them a basic task to do, and test out their skill sets. A great asset you want to look for is communication, so use “trial work” a lot and use that as a basis for establishing how well this potential team member will communicate with you. We are not talking only about language, but rather about the frequency of reporting, sending emails, and being available on instant chat messenger. If they take too much time to reply to your emails, you can bet they’ll do the same after you hire them.

Please note, that with trial tasks, it is fair to pay people for their time. Do not expect people to work for free just because you are promising to hire them full-time. If you are averse to paying a person because you are not sure that they can do the job, then perhaps you should interview another candidate who can demonstrate through their experience that they can do the tasks that you require.

It does take more time than a single interview in some cases. This is not only because interviewing over the internet can be slower but also because it may take some time for you to establish a relationship with the person to the point where you are confident you want them to join your team.



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