RemoteCo and WebWork
Time Tracker

RemoteCo has partnered with WebWork Time Tracker to offer
you an easy way to track and monitor your remote worker's activity throughout the workday.

The Main Features of the Web/Time Tracker:

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Time Tracking

Accurate Time Tracking



4 Screenshot modes for employee monitoring

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Activity Levels

The Time Tracker tracks mouse and keyboard activity

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3 Remote Workers

Invite up to 3 Remote Workers (included in our Premium Subscription)

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Online Reports

Timesheet and Statistics, Exporting Reports

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Invoice Feature

Invoice generator for billable contracts

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Manual Time

Adding time manually without tracking

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Apps and Websites

Know what Applications and Websites your remote worker is visiting

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Billable Hours

Set an hourly rate, bill for tracked hours

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Activity Description

Editable Activity Descriptions (memo) for each screenshot

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Customer Support

Get 24/7 assistance for any issue

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Easily manage and track the progress of each task

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What does it do?

The Time Tracker is an efficient way to monitor your remote workers. It allows you to follow the progress of various projects as well as the whole workflow.

The Time Tracker improves your teams overall productivity by taking screenshots of your workers screens, tracking websites and applications visited, monitoring both mouse and keyboard activity, generate customized reports and more.

To get started with time tracking, simply subscribe or upgrade to our ProsMarketplace Premium subscription and have your remote workers download the tracking software from their ProsMarketplace account (You as an Employer don’t have to download any software).

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Inviting Remote Workers

Our Time Tracker is only included in our Premium subscription. Once you purchase or upgrade to a Premium subscription on ProsMarketplace, you will be able to invite up to 3 remote workers, and you can begin to monitor their activity to get the most out of your remote team.

You can invite your remote workers with just a couple of clicks. You just need to enter their name, email, and click the invite button. They will get an email asking them to accept your invitation to become a member of your team.

Create Projects and Tasks

With the Time Tracker you are able to create projects for your remote workers to work on, add additional tasks for the project, and track the time of each task.

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time tracking icon

Start Tracking Time

Once you create a task or a project, you can assign it to your remote workers for them to work on. They just have to click start on the tool. When they are done working, they will just have to click stop, and that’s it.

It is really that easy. The software will do everything by itself! You will be able to see detailed reports as well as screenshots taken, applications and websites visited along with mouse and keyboard clicks.

Seamless Integrations

The Tracker seamlessly integrates with many tools your team uses daily to plan each workday and get a complete visual report on the time your team spends on projects and tasks.

Just choose the app you want to connect the Time Tracker with and import all your projects, tasks, team members in seconds. The Tracker integrates with tools like Trello, Basecamp, Zapier, Todoist, Jira, Wrike, Github, Asana and more...

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The Time Tracker lets you:

  • Monitor your remote workers by taking screenshots of their screens during the workday (you can set intervals and frequency of the screenshots).
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  • Discover what applications are being used and what websites are being visited and how much time is spent on each during working hours.
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  • You can create projects on which your team is going to work, add different tasks for projects and track time on each task.
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  • The tracker offers a wide range of reports such as employee reports, project reports, applications and websites reports, activity reports and are all displayed with clear and easy to read charts and graphics.
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Available on All Operating Systems

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